Welcome to the Bitcoin Metaverse — A Beginner’s Guide to Bitmap 

Amanda Mirus

Amanda Mirus

Managing Director & Editor

Bitcoin has always been more than just a digital currency. With the advent of Bitmap, it now doubles as the key to a whole new virtual world — the Bitcoin Metaverse!

Bitcoin has always been more than just a digital currency. With the advent of Bitmap, it now doubles as the key to a whole new virtual world — the Bitcoin Metaverse!

What on earth is the Bitcoin Metaverse, you ask? Well, let me break it down for all the newbies out there.

The Metaverse refers to a shared virtual space where users can interact, create, and explore together. It’s like a virtual reality version of the internet. Now, Bitcoin’s robust blockchain technology is being used as the foundation for people to claim ownership of digital assets and virtual land in the metaverse.

This is made possible through Bitmap — a pioneering standard built on Bitcoin’s ordinals feature. Ordinals allow you to make any block on the Bitcoin Blockchain your own personal property.

With Bitmap, not only can you own a block, you can also split it up into smaller sections and distribute these sections to others. This enables a whole new decentralized model of land ownership and community building in the metaverse.

Why is this exciting? Well, by using the security of the Bitcoin network, Bitmap allows for unique digital ownership opportunities not possible before. You can own virtual land and assets in the metaverse just like you own Bitcoin!

Bitmap basically bridges the gap between Bitcoin and the metaverse, bringing together the best of both worlds. You get Bitcoin’s resilience and decentralization coupled with the creative freedom of the metaverse.

This opens up new avenues for artists, developers and creators to monetize their work. They can issue artifacts (Think NFTs in Ethereum, but with permanence since the images are on the blockchain), build virtual worlds and much more, knowing their digital assets are secured by Bitcoin’s robust blockchain. No more worrying about centralized servers going down or data being lost! Bye, bye to the days of image rug pulls.

For the tech heads that want to dive even deeper, check out the GitBook on Github https://patches-1.gitbook.io/ordinals-standards-discussions/bitmap

As Bitmap gains traction, you can expect to see all kinds of virtual worlds and experiences sprouting up, fueled by Bitcoin. Here are some early Bitmap projects to check out:

  • Inscribe.Space — They are building an On-Chain Metaverse on Bitcoin
  • Bitmap Valley — a virtual business district and home to diverse communities.
  • Bitmap Land — a platform for users to build and shape the metaverse.
  • xSPECTAR — a virtual real estate project allowing people to own landmarks.

The possibilities are endless! As a Bitcoiner, you now have the chance to be on the ground floor of the next digital revolution. Whether you want to buy virtual land as an investment, build a new virtual world or just hang out and have fun, there is something for everyone in the Bitcoin Metaverse.

So, pick a Bitcoin block, and start shaping the future! Just be sure to bring your creative thinking cap. The Bitcoin Metaverse is whatever we choose to build it to be.

Find out more and how to get started: https://patches-1.gitbook.io/ordinals-standards-discussions/getting-started

This is not investment or financial advice. This is simply educational and you should always do you own research.

Amanda Mirus

Amanda Mirus

Managing Director & Editor



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