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PRESS RELEASE: MUSIC — Louie Dager: Blending the Beats of Music and Fashion at Art Basel Miami

Amanda Mirus

Amanda Mirus

Managing Director & Editor

New York, NY — November 28, 2023:

In the dynamic world of music and fashion, Louie Dager stands out as a noteworthy figure. Venezuelan-born and Miami-thriving, Louie has carved a unique niche as an audio engineer, multi-instrumentalist, and DJ, seamlessly merging these roles to create a distinct sound that resonates across the globe.

Louie’s journey in music began under the guidance of Gerry King at Skylab Recording Studios. His initial focus on songwriting, recording, mixing, and producing quickly garnered industry acclaim. Louie’s collaborations with bands such as Flipturn, MADWOMAN, Blupill, and Ship Wrek, along with his work on undisclosed ghost projects, have established him as a studio specialist recognized for his meticulous attention to sound aesthetics.

Since relocating to Miami in 2022, Louie broadened his artistic horizons to embrace DJing and crafting electronic beats. This evolution marked a natural progression in his career, independently driven by his deepening understanding and passion for electronic music. Along this journey, Louie met Amanda Mirus, Designer and EnVogue Fashion Collective’s Managing Director. She is a recognized figure in the fashion and art scene. Their association became a significant turning point, as Amanda’s exclusive events provided Louie with platforms to showcase his talents. This exposure helped establish his music as a key element of Miami’s elite nightlife, leading to celebrated performances at venues such as Racket Wynwood and Treehouse.

Louie’s impact extends beyond the Miami scene, with his signature sound making waves at high-profile fashion events and exclusive parties in New York City, such as EnVogue Fashion Collective’s New York Fashion Week runway event. His collaboration with Envogue has been particularly transformative. As Louie himself states, “Working with Envogue Fashion Collective has opened a sea of opportunities and exposure that redirected my music career in the best of ways. Amanda is one of the most well-connected, knowledgeable, and efficient fashion designers and event planners I have worked with. She has influenced my life in two crucial areas: my fashion choices and professional behavior. I will forever credit Amanda and Envogue for sparking a fire I won’t be able to turn off in my life.”

Louie’s involvement with the EVFC has been pivotal for him, offering him the platform to intertwine his music with the fashion world. This synergy will be showcased on December 8th, at the upcoming “Art Meets Fashion” event by EnVogue Fashion Collective, an exclusive Runway and Art Showcasing.

Scheduled for an evening of high fashion, art, and music, the event promises a runway show, performances, popup market, an open bar, and opportunities for networking with industry

leaders. For tickets:

About EnVogue Fashion Collective: EnVogue Fashion Collective is a premier fashion house that turns the dreams of emerging and established designers, brands, and creatives into reality. Known for building relationships between creative talents and their audiences, EVFC showcases their clients’ latest collections through exclusive events, runway shows, publications, and digital platforms. Their extensive network includes buyers, celebrity stylists, media outlets and publications, and influencers who help drive global brand awareness.

As Louie Dager continues to redefine the boundaries between music and fashion, his commitment to audio engineering and his skill as a multi-instrumentalist and DJ ensure that his artistic expression will continue to captivate and inspire. Whether in the studio or on stage, Louie Dager’s journey is one of continuous evolution, setting new standards in the fusion of music and fashion. He is sure someone to keep your eyes on.

Amanda Mirus

Amanda Mirus

Managing Director & Editor



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