Louie Dager

In-House DJ / Music Director

Discover the world of Louie Dager, a Venezuelan-born audio engineer, Music Producer and DJ. His journey began at Skylab Recording Studios, under the mentorship of Gerry King, with a focus on songwriting, recording, mixing, and producing, which quickly led to recognition in the music industry. As a studio specialist, Louie’s meticulous approach and deep understanding of sound aesthetics contributed to the creation of many acclaimed records, his accolades include working in the studio with bands like Flipturn, MADWOMAN, Blupill, Ship Wrek, and ghost projects he can’t disclose.

Since his move to Miami, FL in 2022, Louie expanded to include DJ-ing and electronic beats while having never strayed from his roots as an audio engineer. He began at private events and parties and through his network he met Amanda Mirus, a pivotal character in defining Louie’s future as an Electronic Music Artist and Fashion Event/ Nightlife DJ. Through Amanda’s events, Louie was able to make his way into Miami’s elite nightlife and is now performing at signature rooms like Racket Wynwood and Treehouse.

From high-profile fashion events to late night raves in Miami and New York City, Louie’s signature sound is beginning to resonate with keen audiences in many parts of the USA.

With the support of Envogue Fashion Collective, Louie is able to seamlessly intertwine music and fashion to craft immersive experience that captivates and inspires those with a dream in music and fashion.

Louie Dager’s passion for audio engineering remains at the forefront of his artistic expression, leaving an indelible mark on his audiences. Whether in the studio or on the stage, his commitment to crafting sonic marvels continues to enchant and elevate.

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