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EnVogue Fashion Collective (EVFC) is a premier fashion house that represents and promotes both emerging and established designers through exclusive events, runway shows, publications, digital platforms, and more.

EnVogue members gain visibility when featured in our seasonal runway shows, fashion editorials, and global publications. Our extensive network includes top buyers, celebrity stylists, media outlets, and influencers who showcase your latest collections to new audiences.

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As a member, you have the opportunity to showcase your latest collections on the runway at major fashion weeks and events.


A key benefits of EnVogue membership’s are the opportunity to get your designs and brand featured in major fashion magazines.


Great designs need great marketing. We offer members a comprehensive range of marketing services to elevate your brands.

EVFC showcases designer collections to buyers, stylists, media, and influencers to drive global brand awareness and sales. EnVogue provides start-to-finish services to amplify a brand’s identity and story, including reviewing lines, providing feedback, identifying growth opportunities, connecting clients to manufacturers, and executing strategic growth plans. EVFC takes an inclusive, forward-thinking approach to building long-term relationships between creatives and customers. EnVogue accepts new clients on an ongoing basis.


EnVogue Fashion Collective members gain access to industry professionals.

Exclusive Events

EnVogue members get access to exclusive fashion events throughout the year.

And So Much More

The value of an EnVogue membership goes beyond events, shows, and publications. 

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